Chaoyang Park Residential Mixed Use

Chaoyang , Beijing, PRCProject by Lucien Lagrange Architects, Ltd., 2008
Phase: SD, early DD
Project Manager for proposed project in Beijing.
The Chaoyang Park Residential Mixed Use project is a 200m reinforced concrete Tube in Tube structure. The tower is 52 floors of varying floor to floor heights, ranging from 3.47m to 4.5m for the residential floors, and 5m at mechanical floors. The primary lateral system for the tower is a reinforced concrete tube frame on the exterior of the building working in tandem with reinforced concrete core walls. The gravity system of the tower is a reinforced concrete two-way flat plate spanning between the exterior tube frame and the central cores for each tower and the link. This structural system is the most cost-effective for apartment floors to maximize clear height and to provide efficiency and speed in construction.

Typical Tower Floor Plan

Retail Component at Basement Levels

Building Section

Structural System

Structural Analysis