Hyatt Centric Mixed Use Mountain View

Mountain View, CAProject by CallisonRTKL Inc., 2015
171,200 square feet, $53M
Phases: ALL
Project Manager for a new 6-story mixed use development.
As the place of origin for the entire technology industry, both direct and indirect allusions to this unique aspect of the local environment have been incorporated in the design. The design solution encourages connection and interaction, but also provides a means to retreat and escape, disconnect and unplug; to stop, linger and recharge; a comfortable home base to relax and plan the next adventure.
The use of local color and natural materials throughout the hotel provides a grounded foundation and is inspired by the area’s natural landscape and former agricultural roots, with subtle nods to the shape and form of the Santa Cruz Mountains and the grid of the city scape nestled in the valley floor below. As a nod to the lack of pretense of its inhabitants, materials are kept natural and timeless to accentuate points of interest and to encourage exploration and discovery as you journey through the hotel.

Retail Floor Plan

Retail Perspective

Retail Elevation

Merlone Geier Retail Spaces

Retail Elevation