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“David Hoffman is an energetic, eager and talented project manager. I enjoyed working with David a great deal. He is a strong team leader and interacts comfortably with his staff, as well as with his superiors. He willingly tackles difficult issues, takes on additional responsibilities when necessary, and makes sound decisions. I recommend David very highly.” July 13, 2009

Timothy Hill, Principal, Lucien Lagrange Architects Linkedin/David Hoffman

“It has been my experience that people are typically the largest variable in the design process. Staff, clients, consultants, contractors, designers, accountants, lawyers, vendors, office leaders and human resource persons all with varying communication styles demand attention. These players in the architectural practice require a sophisticated professional to respectfully balance their interests at the project level. David is the most thorough, patient and expedient manager of people that I have had the pleasure to work with.” June 22, 2009

James Kemper, Principal, Lucien Lagrange Architects Linkedin/David Hoffman